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  • New Research Course Opportunity – Peace Studies 4M06 A/B

    Beginning September 2017

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  • 2016-17 PEACEST Practicum Placements

    PEACEST 3P03 practicum placements will be posted on our website

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  • Asking what peace means to you

    Students in the Peace Studies 1A03 took the opportunity to show their artistic side in the McMaster University Student Centre.

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Peace Studies

Peace Studies is concerned with war and peace, violence and nonviolence, conflict and conflict transformation. Peace researchers also study concepts of justice and the ways in which people organize and wage conflict to achieve what they perceive as just ends. By focusing attention on problems of conflict, particularly of a violent nature, researchers attempt to improve our methods of analyzing and dealing with these problems. Peace studies is an interdisciplinary field, encompassing subject areas from the Faculties of Science and Social Sciences as well as Humanities.



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